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Posted: August 31, 2010 in Shitty Video game Reviewers

Well, here is another kid who is reviewing games that he never played. I hate it when kids “review” games that were released before they we born. Especially ones that review games that they think are “Obscure”

He states in the beginning of the video “Before you all watch the video, I have to warn you, that this game is incredibly..shit”

So why the hell would anyone continue watching your crappy video about the game then? He continues on that as much as he REALLY doesn’t want to play it, he will swallow the shit and do us all a big favor and make a video of him playing it.

He then goes into an explanation on how a car should stop, when he looks like he has little experience driving (if any).  Oh shit, you mean you have to press on the brake? Wow man, what a revelation.  He even acts this out, but instead of using some sort of car, he uses a Wiimote. It’s like watching a little kid play make-believe.

He complains about how the first boss is impossible…but wait, you beat it. So it’s not impossible then? Make up your mind. Just because you find a game is hard, doesn’t mean it’s “impossible” it just means that you aren’t very good at it. Get it straight.

As far as the rest goes, it’s pretty much your standard crappy AVGN clone fare. It’s laughable, just like all the other clones. You watch him play though the game while he bitches and complains. Nothing that resembles a “review” at all. I wonder when these people will understand the difference between a “Let’s play” and a “review” I encourage these people to look up the definition of a review. PLEASE.

He has a quote that will pretty much serve as my question back to him. “What the fuck are you doing, and why the fuck are you doing it?”


This guy churns out a shitload videos every month. Sometimes his reviews are ok. At least some of them you can call “reviews”

When you start uploading videos about how much you love your Mousepad, that is where I draw the line. Seriously? Fuck you, and your mousepad!

Why would anyone think that a video about how much they love their Mousepad would be interesting to anyone? This is proof positive that YouTube partners know they can shat out any sort of video and get views from their subscribers.

So I happened to find this guys channel awhile back, and was dumbfounded by some of the comments that he makes in his videos.

This picture is great foreshadowing of the crap that is found within his videos.


Stanburdman's Profile info

The first video I watched of his, was his review of Crystalis for the NES.

This video starts off with him saying “Stan here, your FAVORITE video game reviewer here…or at least in the top 20 of your favorites?” That should have been enough for me to just stop the video. I mean seriously? Did you really think that was funny, or are you really that much of a douche that you think you are great? Oh wait, you do think you are that great, and funny I might add…based on your profile information.

After that horribly bad intro, he delves into what he thinks makes a great RPG game. Like somehow we give a shit what he thinks makes a great RPG. I don’t know, maybe the mindless viewers he has need his definition on anything gaming related. Like somehow anything Stan says is the golden rule.

Here’s a news flash for anyone that likes this guys videos. It is blatantly apparent that this guy doesn’t know SHIT about gaming, or RPG’s. He actually says that a good RPG should take YEARS (Yes YEARS) to complete. Really? Years? Since when? I have never played an RPG that took years to complete, and I have been playing video games for 25 years.

Then, he says that a “system like Nintendo” doesn’t have the memory capacity to make a game like that.

Ok Stan. Here it goes. Nintendo is not a fucking system douchebag, it’s a corporation. They have produced many video game consoles over the years.

Also, do you not realize that the NES gave starts to many of the greatest and most popular RPG franchises of all time? Apparently, the answer to that question is a resounding NO. Also, why do you speak like games are still being produced for the NES by legitimate Software developers? Oh, that’s right, your retarded, and know nothing about video games.

There were many RPG’s for the NES that took 80+ hours to beat when they were released. Mainly because there were no walkthroughs (except for a map or some hints in Nintendo Power) and no Internet to look shit up. When you got stuck you had to talk to every person in each town, exhaust every possibility, hope for a hint in an issue of Nintendo Power, or ask friends. You would know that if you actually played the damn games when they were released, rather than somehow stupidly comparing them to games released today.

Get a fucking brain man.

I really dislike it when random nobodies review games that they think are obscure, and suck when in reality they are games that were very popular when they were released, and loved by many.

Stan, like many shitty reviewers, does not understand what a review is. He just plays the game, and makes some lame-ass, unfunny jokes.

Check it out for yourself (if you can stomach the whole thing) and laugh at his stupidity.

What…the FUCK…is THIS???

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Seriously, I want someone to tell me.

Recently, I found a post about this guys channel on Busy Street’s Blog

They posted some videos of the guy “hosting” some sort of Poker Game Show. It was horrid to say the least.

While browsing through this guys channel, I found these videos of a Monopoly Game show that he “hosts”. I guess he thinks that he has come up with some sort of awesome idea that will blow the pants off of the viewing public. I imagine this is one of those douchebags that submits these ideas to game show producers thinking that they are great. They probably take one look at it and laugh their asses off, just like I did.

When I first started watching this video, I couldn’t stop laughing at the horrible intro song.

As far as the “show” itself goes, I am not really sure what he was thinking. The “Host” sounds like he is on the damn phone calling in from Antarctica or something. I mean seriously, were you using a rotary dial phone recorded over a built-in mic on your laptop?

I find it equally amusing that the other person in the video is voicing all 3 contestants 2 of whom are supposed to be female.

The host himself can’t follow the game half the time, and makes several glaring mistakes during the video. What the hell? You can’t even follow your own damn game that you “invented”? You were so lazy that you couldn’t take the time to edit those mistakes out? You can’t be serious…can you?

I just don’t understand how people can post stuff like this on YouTube and not be embarrassed.

I know that this video is a few weeks old, but I just had to post it. This pretty much sums up my thoughts on any and every Vlogger on YouTube. Why these people are so popular, I will never know. Some of these people make 6 figures just spewing crap about their boring ass lives, and talking about their “zits” or what the fuck they ate for dinner. Then there are the people who steal content from others and make lame ass jokes about it. How do people find this funny, or entertaining? I mean other than just laughing about how fucking lame they are.

I have one question for anyone who subscribes and watches these people’s videos on a regular basis. Are your lives so boring that you need to resort to watching other people’s boring ass lives to make you feel better? If so; Why?

Feel free to enlighten me on this subject.