Calling out Lame Ass Vloggers on YouTube

Posted: August 31, 2010 in YouTube Crap

I know that this video is a few weeks old, but I just had to post it. This pretty much sums up my thoughts on any and every Vlogger on YouTube. Why these people are so popular, I will never know. Some of these people make 6 figures just spewing crap about their boring ass lives, and talking about their “zits” or what the fuck they ate for dinner. Then there are the people who steal content from others and make lame ass jokes about it. How do people find this funny, or entertaining? I mean other than just laughing about how fucking lame they are.

I have one question for anyone who subscribes and watches these people’s videos on a regular basis. Are your lives so boring that you need to resort to watching other people’s boring ass lives to make you feel better? If so; Why?

Feel free to enlighten me on this subject.


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