Posted: August 31, 2010 in Shitty Video game Reviewers

Well, here is another kid who is reviewing games that he never played. I hate it when kids “review” games that were released before they we born. Especially ones that review games that they think are “Obscure”

He states in the beginning of the video “Before you all watch the video, I have to warn you, that this game is incredibly..shit”

So why the hell would anyone continue watching your crappy video about the game then? He continues on that as much as he REALLY doesn’t want to play it, he will swallow the shit and do us all a big favor and make a video of him playing it.

He then goes into an explanation on how a car should stop, when he looks like he has little experience driving (if any).  Oh shit, you mean you have to press on the brake? Wow man, what a revelation.  He even acts this out, but instead of using some sort of car, he uses a Wiimote. It’s like watching a little kid play make-believe.

He complains about how the first boss is impossible…but wait, you beat it. So it’s not impossible then? Make up your mind. Just because you find a game is hard, doesn’t mean it’s “impossible” it just means that you aren’t very good at it. Get it straight.

As far as the rest goes, it’s pretty much your standard crappy AVGN clone fare. It’s laughable, just like all the other clones. You watch him play though the game while he bitches and complains. Nothing that resembles a “review” at all. I wonder when these people will understand the difference between a “Let’s play” and a “review” I encourage these people to look up the definition of a review. PLEASE.

He has a quote that will pretty much serve as my question back to him. “What the fuck are you doing, and why the fuck are you doing it?”

  1. NinjaGamer64 says:

    hey he’s not bad

  2. agentj says:

    He plays shitty games, so you don’t have to.

  3. richard head says:

    lets see you make better reviews then?

    • A True Haxor says:

      Yes, Please, do make a review, shit-stain.

      • trollhole says:

        Oh I’m sorry. What does me making a review have anything to do with how bad this guys reviews are? Is he your boyfriend or something? Why are you so defensive about me calling him out on his horrible reviews/videos?

        Really makes you sound intelligent to call me a shit-stain too. Thanks for that. I appreciate it.

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