Stanburdman…Are you retarded?

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Shitty Video game Reviewers

So I happened to find this guys channel awhile back, and was dumbfounded by some of the comments that he makes in his videos.

This picture is great foreshadowing of the crap that is found within his videos.


Stanburdman's Profile info

The first video I watched of his, was his review of Crystalis for the NES.

This video starts off with him saying “Stan here, your FAVORITE video game reviewer here…or at least in the top 20 of your favorites?” That should have been enough for me to just stop the video. I mean seriously? Did you really think that was funny, or are you really that much of a douche that you think you are great? Oh wait, you do think you are that great, and funny I might add…based on your profile information.

After that horribly bad intro, he delves into what he thinks makes a great RPG game. Like somehow we give a shit what he thinks makes a great RPG. I don’t know, maybe the mindless viewers he has need his definition on anything gaming related. Like somehow anything Stan says is the golden rule.

Here’s a news flash for anyone that likes this guys videos. It is blatantly apparent that this guy doesn’t know SHIT about gaming, or RPG’s. He actually says that a good RPG should take YEARS (Yes YEARS) to complete. Really? Years? Since when? I have never played an RPG that took years to complete, and I have been playing video games for 25 years.

Then, he says that a “system like Nintendo” doesn’t have the memory capacity to make a game like that.

Ok Stan. Here it goes. Nintendo is not a fucking system douchebag, it’s a corporation. They have produced many video game consoles over the years.

Also, do you not realize that the NES gave starts to many of the greatest and most popular RPG franchises of all time? Apparently, the answer to that question is a resounding NO. Also, why do you speak like games are still being produced for the NES by legitimate Software developers? Oh, that’s right, your retarded, and know nothing about video games.

There were many RPG’s for the NES that took 80+ hours to beat when they were released. Mainly because there were no walkthroughs (except for a map or some hints in Nintendo Power) and no Internet to look shit up. When you got stuck you had to talk to every person in each town, exhaust every possibility, hope for a hint in an issue of Nintendo Power, or ask friends. You would know that if you actually played the damn games when they were released, rather than somehow stupidly comparing them to games released today.

Get a fucking brain man.

I really dislike it when random nobodies review games that they think are obscure, and suck when in reality they are games that were very popular when they were released, and loved by many.

Stan, like many shitty reviewers, does not understand what a review is. He just plays the game, and makes some lame-ass, unfunny jokes.

Check it out for yourself (if you can stomach the whole thing) and laugh at his stupidity.

  1. David says:

    I like how you take an independent game review so seriously that you disect it into pieces.

    and I like how no one reads this 😦

    • trollhole says:

      I wouldn’t say I take them seriously. I don’t really care if they are bad or not. These posts are me talking about how I find it so amazing/hilarious that people post videos this bad on the internet.
      As far as the blog goes, I have a decent amount of views but for some reason very few comments.

  2. Jon says:

    I love how you rage about a man’s *OPINION* of a video game.

    umad kid?

    • trollhole says:

      If you read the blog you would realize my criticism of the video has nothing to do with his actual opinion. Since we are on the subject though, what is his actual opinion on the game? That it sucks shit because it’s old? That’s very intelligent and well thought out.

      Without writing another blog in response to your comment, I will just say this: My main problem with this guy, and any of the other “reviewers” I blog about is the fact that none of them actually review the damn game they are making a video about. They just swear a lot and make jokes about poop. It is apparent to me that they don’t even know what a review is.

  3. js says:

    About his unawareness which makes me realize
    also his unfairness toward the old / classic video games.
    I’m in thirties now, and that means I’d played almost all those games at the time when
    having exactly released. this fact allows no biased premises or undesirable hindsight.
    Without noticing it, he’d never be qualified to review those.

  4. Stanburdmanfan says:

    Hate moar fag. He’s a funny guy who makes vidoes to entertain bored people, such as me. He’s not writing a damn term paper on the videogame and who gives a shit anyway, it’s an old ass game and he’s just talking about it for the fun of it.

    • trollhole says:

      It’s apparent that you like this guy, and that’s fine. The problem with your argument is that he presents himself as a legitimate game reviewer, when in-fact he does not “review” any of the games he makes videos about. He just rants and raves, and tells lame ass jokes. Then add the fact that he knows nothing about the games he actually talks about and it really makes for a horrible video. If you like it, that’s fine, I just don’t understand why.

      • Rickdumdum says:

        Oh man you have just got to see his FF13 review, it’s just….
        You will see, also it seems like our pal Stanburdman is hitting two birds with one stone.

  5. Texmex says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Only sorry to have found this so late. Apparently some of Stans ass kissing fans have been commenting. I am sure they made their mind up before even reading your comments or reasoning. I think STAN is a total douche. He really is unfunny, even sadder he does come off like an authority on video games when in fact he knows nothing. Oh and heaven for bid you dare correct him or even suggest he might be inaccurate, his hordes of kiddy groupies will quickly descend upon you.

    Good read, nice to see someone else sees Stan for the incompetent he really is.

  6. T.J. says:

    Stan is hilarious, you mad.

  7. lessismore says:

    Thank god somebody else finds Stan as pathetic and useless as I do. I first came across him reviewing ‘defnders of dynatron city’. It’s a bad game, and I already knew that before searching, I just wanted to see the in-game footage. Almost immediately though, I stopped caring about the game, and sat dumb-struck by just how petty his complaints are. He stutter and stammers whilst
    trying to make a point, he constantly repeats himself, and the ‘jokes’ are simply drawn out descriptions of an insult.

    watch this link, and listen with awe at how he tries to describe each of the characters. in comparison, he will make you feel like a genius.

  8. Xtina says:

    Good job nitpicking one average review and ignoring the hundreds of awesome ones he made. Stan Burdman is funny, talented, and popular (not to mention hot). Just deal.

  9. MG says:

    What I get out of most of Stan’s reviews is that he doesn’t like women and Canada. I find him entertaining, but I don’t use his reviews as an indicator on whether I should play something or not. Sometimes the guy reviews a game, but talks about things totally unrelated, all the while ripping off other sources. Not a good reviewer at all, and for someone who plays so many games, it’s astounding on how little he seems to know about them, besides facts he read online or wtv. I mean, take GetoGama. That guy plays games he never played and reviews them…sometimes it’s silly, sometimes it makes you curious, but you can tell the dude is a gamer. He knows his shit. Stan, on the other hand, I think just wants to be heard, rather than to inform and enlighten anyone.

  10. jackhayter14 says:

    Dude, Stan Burdman is a comedian. Don’t take it too seriously. I mean, it’s like saying Conan is a legitimate reviewer of games. You’re just being a whiny kid because he “destroyed” an RPG and saying lots of “real” things. This is the internet! Let him have some fun!

    • trollhole says:

      The problem is, Stan THINKS that he’s a comedian, when in reality he is not. Nothing he says is funny. Throwing the word “Poop” in a video does not a joke make. I don’t care that the doesn’t like a particular game, the problem with his video is that it’s apparent that he does not have the slightest clue about anything regarding the subject matter.
      Also, you must’ve been dropped on your head if you compare this guy to any professional comedian. Either that or you are about 12 years old. Either way, there are WAYYY more funny videos to be watching than some guys half-assed attempt at a video game review. If you like him, fine. That’s your problem, but don’t try to pretend that he’s funny.

      • Stanburdman… is not a true gamer. He is an evildoer, a charlatan, a symbol of Western civilization’s decline, a plague on our Internet landscape, a national shame, a danger to our culture, a typhoon-sized natural disaster disguised as a YouTube user, a Hollywood monster wreaking havoc on the minds of the world’s youth, and setting civilization back thousands of years.

        Hell, Stan’s fanbase is already bad enough if they brown-nose him for even the worst comments he’s ever made.

      • Flyingman66 says:

        Stan is simply put sarcastic, some people find sarcasm funny, you don’t. So Stan is not for you.

        I don’t get what the big deal is with StanBurdman at all. He’s a differrent kind of reviewer in the sense that his reviews are so blatantly sarcastic that you have to be a retard to believe a single word that comes out of his mouth because he’s not trying to review normally, he’s reviewing that way intentionally for teh lulz. He’s definitely not an informative reviewer but he’s fun to watch.

    • SAXOX says:

      Same. I don’t understand what’s wrong with him

  11. thebriskybra says:

    You really are a fail troll newfgt, if you take his reviews seriously. The dude is a bloody comedian

  12. hd says:

    What he does is satirical review that makes fun of game reviewers. So if you think he’s making stupid comments about the most obvious “fact” with lame jokes, then he’s done a good job. The guy obviously doesn’t take himself seriously, though I’d say that his commenting has improved due to sheer repetition.

    I personally don’t even like game reviews. They are in the same vein with movie/food/music review, full of pompous comments of some self-proclaimed elitist talking to a condescending audience. The only reason I bother with them is to see the gameplay, which I can judge for myself if I like them or not, thank you very much. Thus I find his ridiculous review actually entertaining.

  13. SAXOX says:

    Seriously? What wrong with stan? He is funny and a great game reviewer. You proberly just jeluios because he can make better videos than you!

  14. Joe says:

    What the hell is wrong with you, man? Did you catch him throttling your girlfriend, or something? If you don’t like his videos then don’t watch them. Holy shit…

    • trollhole says:

      I find it extremely hilarious that Stans “boyfriends” keep replying to a blog post I wrote around 4 1/2 years ago and you know what? I haven’t watched one of his shitty videos since. So I found the need after countless blog post replies to come online and explain AGAIN how I felt at the time. As if the review wasn’t enough. Nothing is wrong with me. I found Stans videos at the time to be shitty. Horribly produced and un-funny. They only appeal to people that have the lowest level of intelligence. He posts them online like he is some expert(comedian??), which also opens him up to criticism regarding said content. If you like them, fine. (You probably think Paulie Shore is fucking hilarious too)….I may feel sorry for you that you waste your time on such crappy content from a AVGN/Irate gamer “wannabe” when there is a plethora of great video game reviewers on the internet these days – but that’s your choice. We have differing opinions. Leave it at that and have a great day banging your head against a wall.

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