What…the FUCK…is THIS???

Posted: August 31, 2010 in YouTube Crap
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Seriously, I want someone to tell me.

Recently, I found a post about this guys channel on Busy Street’s Blog http://thebusystreet.com/2010/08/24/this-is-unwatchable/

They posted some videos of the guy “hosting” some sort of Poker Game Show. It was horrid to say the least.

While browsing through this guys channel, I found these videos of a Monopoly Game show that he “hosts”. I guess he thinks that he has come up with some sort of awesome idea that will blow the pants off of the viewing public. I imagine this is one of those douchebags that submits these ideas to game show producers thinking that they are great. They probably take one look at it and laugh their asses off, just like I did.

When I first started watching this video, I couldn’t stop laughing at the horrible intro song.

As far as the “show” itself goes, I am not really sure what he was thinking. The “Host” sounds like he is on the damn phone calling in from Antarctica or something. I mean seriously, were you using a rotary dial phone recorded over a built-in mic on your laptop?

I find it equally amusing that the other person in the video is voicing all 3 contestants 2 of whom are supposed to be female.

The host himself can’t follow the game half the time, and makes several glaring mistakes during the video. What the hell? You can’t even follow your own damn game that you “invented”? You were so lazy that you couldn’t take the time to edit those mistakes out? You can’t be serious…can you?

I just don’t understand how people can post stuff like this on YouTube and not be embarrassed.

  1. Busy Street says:

    Monopoly was a REAL game show in the Mid 90s. It lasted only throughout the summer. Makes we wish to see Kyle Wheeler host “Downfall” with himself while “Refrigerator.jpg” and “MotorScooters.png” go over a giant rectangle.

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