Posted: September 9, 2010 in Shitty Video game Reviewers

Well, I guess this pretty much affirms that there is an endless supply of shitty Video Game “reviewers” on YouTube. One shittier than the next.

I don’t get how people don’t realize their videos are shit. You would think that they would at least realize this while editing the videos, or watching them before they upload them. Either they don’t care, or they are just fucking dumb. Probably a combination of both.

Another guy that loves to do “Top 10 lists” like anyone actually gives a shit what he thinks. If you are going to do a video like that, you either have to be knowledgeable, or funny. Hopefully a combination of both.

That’s a pretty rare combination for the people who actually make these types of videos though.

He does sum up my opinions on the video in the first 2 mins though, so It makes my job easier.

“Whoa whoa whoa whoa….what are you doing?”

Uh, I’m watching your crappy ass video, and unfortunately, looking at your ugly mug.

“Seriously, why are you watching this video??”

I am asking myself that same question right now….I guess I am a glutton for punishment.

“I mean, doesn’t everyone know exactly what game I’m going to put at number 1?”

Probably, which is reason 100 why this video was pointless to make. Do you realize how ironic it is that you are calling yourself out for making a pointless, horrid, and totally unfunny video? I guess you are into that sort of dumb ass humor.

Top 10 lists are wayyy overdone. You aren’t going to affect anyones opinion about their favorites, and no one except for you, and your friends (if you have any) care about what your favorites are. The only thing these videos accomplish is to start a debate on why this game is better than that game. Which would be better severed posting in some game fag forum where you can fap over your fanboyism.

  1. N1ntenOwned says:

    Yo. Thanks for writing this, it was a really life changing read I have decided to change my YouTube ways and just off myself because really. If you post something on the internet that isn’t the greatest thing in the world, whats the point?

    What separates me from the other shitty youtube reviewers is that I only make three videos a year, because I know that this shit won’t get me anywhere in life. It’s a hobby, a pastime, and not even a big one at that. I will admit though that posting my face in that video was a huge ass mistake, but oh well. Fuck that video is crap… Only reason it got so many views is because Screwattack featured it. Must have been scraping to bottom of the barrel to get that one. Then again it is Screwattack, so quality isn’t exactly their top priority. Who am I kidding, Screwattack sucks. Anyone who makes a living playing god damn street fighter all day shouldn’t be worth anyones time in my book.

    Yup. I make extremely nerdy overdone video game “reviews” that consist of back of the box generic quotes over gameplay footage that I stole from countless other youtube users. But hey, it’s fun, and it’s harmless, so why not. I’m not going to change anyones life, but then again I never said I would. And the only way you are EVER going to see any of my top ten lists is if you search for them. So if your interested in seeing what someone thinks the top ten N64 games are and you search it…………. You right a blog post about how stupid it is that someone would make a top ten N64 games video. Yeah, that sounds about right. Highly logical.

    The only reason I’m commenting is that I kind of feel bad for ya, you know, only having ten comments on your entire blog? Doesn’t look like anyones reading man… I don’t know, but maybe making fun of nerds on the internet won’t give you very far in life either. But you obviously enjoy it so more power too you! Seriously, if looking up more and more pathetic video game reviewers and writing about them gives you a stiffy, then who am I to judge?

    Also if you want to make fun of me even more make sure to watch the Elevator Action video. Fuck that thing is terrible, I can’t even bring myself to click on the link. I’m not even being sarcastic here, holy fuck that piece of shit is awful. I don’t even know what I was on when I made that. Wait, I made that before I started smoking weed… Fuck high school was depressing… Anyway have a nice day!

    Your 11th commenter, N1ntenOwned

    • trollhole says:

      Hey, I appreciate your comment. I realize that you think that you are really cutting to my core by saying things about me, and that’s fine.
      One thing you have to realize is that these are my thoughts on your video review. I do not really care if you think you will get big, or if you get money doing so. My comments pretty much stand on their own. It’s my opinion, and everyone is entitled to their own. Just because I say your video is crap, doesn’t mean I’m trolling. If you don’t want people to say negative things about your videos, don’t post them.
      Also, I don’t really care if that many people read my blog. I do not advertise it like somehow I think I’m going to be come famous. I write them to get stuff off my chest, and if people find it on Google, fine. Truth is that not many people want to comment on negative blogs of people that not many people have heard of. If you notice, it’s not like I am regularly updating this blog. If I feel strongly about something I watch, then I post something about it. It’s that simple. I do find it strange that you make a comment about how I am going to change people’s lives by posting the blogs that I do. When do I ever say that? Truth is, that I don’t. That’s just you putting words into my mouth.
      Again, I appreciate you putting fourth your comments in a intelligent way, but I do not really care what people think one way or the other.

  2. N1ntenOwned says:

    You sound like a cool guy man! I didn’t really mean too much of what I said, just thought it would be funny to try and defend myself and immediately make fun of myself afterwards, I have no ill will towards you or your blog at all, and I wasn’t trying to overrule your free speech or anything. Honestly I just wanted to see your reaction to my post, and from what I can tell you are an honest respectful human being and there aren’t enough people like that in this world. Keep on doing what your doing and blog to your hearts content.


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