RetroGamer3 really needs to get a girlfriend

Posted: September 14, 2010 in Shitty Video game Reviewers

Sadly for him, it will never happen. It is sad to see how excited he gets over pixelized poon.

I already talked about how horrid his “reviews” are in a previous post, but this really just adds to the embarrassment.

He looks like he is about to blow his load while playing the game. It almost makes you feel uncomfortable watching him play it. Its sad actually.

*Update! 1-25-2011

It has come to my attention that this video has been removed from YouTube. Retrogamer3 must have realized how embarrassing, and horrible this video was, or it was removed for violation of YouTube rules. Either way, we are all better off for having one less crappy YouTube video around wasting bandwidth. Someone really must be looking out for us….

  1. Anonymous says:

    You suck ass,bitch.This video has already been deleted.

    • trollhole says:

      I don’t know where to start with this comment. First of all, the blog you are commenting on was written in the middle of September, and the video must have just been removed over the past month or so. I’m sorry that I don’t check on his crappy videos every few weeks to make sure they are up and running. He must have finally came to his senses and realized how horrible it really was. Either that, or he got reported for violation of YouTube rules.

      Second of all, I really enjoyed how you can portray your comments in an intelligent, and mature way. It’s really great how you have such a strong vocabulary. Thank you for sharing your intelligence with us all.

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