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I know I have said a few times that a certain reviewer is the worst I have ever seen, but I always seem to come up with one that tops it.

This user named khan3550 makes a “review” that is so bad, there isn’t even a whole lot that one can say about it.

During the review he fails to even make one coherent sentence throughout. He fails to show you any of the gameplay, or even a screenshot of the game. He just sits there and mumbles the whole time while he plays a game that you can’t see. You get no info about it…nothing. He just complains about the text and says it’s a bad game. That’s it. Why he hasn’t removed it from YouTube is beyond me. I personally would be embarrassed. He is another person that fails to understand what an actual REVIEW is. You can’t even really call it a “Let’s Play” either because you don’t see him playing it!!!

Aside from listening to him talk, the thing that irritates me the most is that he uses an emulator which any moron can easily record game footage from. Another thing that really irritates me is that he calls it an NES game when it really is a FAMICOM game. I hate how young retro douchebags think that somehow that’s the same thing. It’s a whole different system why would you even confuse that?@!???!?!?!?

Then he complains about the game being in Japanese and how it’s unplayable because of that…….. I don’t even know what to say about that comment.



Best Costume EVER!!

Posted: October 29, 2010 in YouTube Crap
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Seriously, these people must be the coolest people on the planet. Not only does the costume look cool, but KRANG ACTUALLY MOVES AND TALKS!

So much better than the usual uninspired costumes you see every year.

Check it out and I’m sure you will feel the same way.

What is the deal with popular media/culture these days? Why does every hero have to be the Brooding “reluctant hero” type? This doesn’t look like superman, it looks like the fucking devil. I thought that this was a joke when I first saw a blurb about it, but apparently it’s not. Yeah, good idea turning Superman into another twilight type douchebag.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some sort of crazed superman fanboy, or a comic book collector by any means…I am just really disliking this trend in popular culture.